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Ultrasonic cleaning in the field of
PCB manufacture ))

Ultrasonic components from Weber Ultrasonics are important components in the processes and systems used for PCB manufacture. These components have been specifically designed for the strict requirements of this sector and are also subject to continuous optimization and further development.

Weber Ultrasonics supplies one of the largest manufacturers of PCB technology in the world, a manufacturer that offers innovative and sophisticated processes and systems for all wet chemical production steps. Ultrasonic components from Weber Ultrasonics are an important element in these products. In addition to SONOSUB® submersible transducers, the products used include SONIC DIGITAL generators up to 130 kHz and transducer elements, which set new standards in terms of processing submersible transducers. Their laser-welded housings with high-gloss polished surfaces offer no hiding places for soiling. The RS 485 bus with 2-wire technology for serial data transfer with up to 32 nodes over large distances is another important development.

Typical fields of application:

  • Base material for printed circuit boards
  • PCB foil treatment prior to coating



3 kW ultrasonic generator

The innovative plug-and-play device is fully digital and impresses not only through its maximum process stability and power output, but also its exemplary ease-of-use.



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