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Ultrasonic cleaning in the field of water treatment ))

Sewage sludge disintegration with high-performance ultrasound allows the operating costs of sludge treatment to be significantly reduced at sewage treatment plants. The principle of disintegration is based on changing the structure of the sludge, which intensifies the anaerobic breakdown processes. This improves the decomposition of organic substances and increases the biogas yield that can be achieved.

Further advantages: Lower disposal costs due to a reduction in the volume of sludge and significant improvement of the fermented sludge's dehydration properties. Pronounced changes in the temperature and consistency of the sewage sludge place extreme demands on the high-performance ultrasonic components employed – particularly the transducer systems.

A process developed by the Fraunhofer Institute within the scope of a long-standing cooperation relies on components from Weber Ultrasonics. Thanks to their "heavy duty" characteristics, these components enable continuous and reliable sewage sludge disintegration.

Typical fields of application:

  • Combating legionella
  • Ballast water
  • Microbiology



3 kW ultrasonic generator

The innovative plug-and-play device is fully digital and impresses not only through its maximum process stability and power output, but also its exemplary ease-of-use.



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