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Weber Ultrasonics is among glittering award winners

Of the 360 or so companies that participated in the "Shining Stars of Business" initiative for SMEs held by Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw, Weber Ultrasonics was selected as one of the prize-winning shining stars in the "Technology" category. The Shining Stars gala was held at the CongressCentrum Pforzheim (CCP) on
4 November, where the winners were introduced to the 1300 guests.

A professional jury comprising representatives from business, industry and higher education selected a total of 100 prize winners from among all the entries received. Awards went to entries submitted for extraordinary contributions, innovations (for example global patents) or particular commitment in one of the following areas: technology, social competence, ecology, corporate ethics, social engagement.

The winners selected by the jury received the "Shining Star" award created by designer Reinhold Krause and an official certificate. The award confirms to their customers, business partners, employees and the larger public that they are an outstanding company.

This initiative follows on from Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw's "Shining Stars of the Region" competition. Together with nine other initiators, it searched for the "Shining Stars of Business". The aim of the competition was to enable the regional economy to shine more brightly here and throughout the world, and to increase the profile of successful companies and broaden their networks. All companies in the region of Pforzheim, Enzkreis and Landkreis Calw from the areas of industry, trade, retail, services and free professions were eligible to take part.

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Heavy Duty SONOPUSH MONO HD® rod-style transducer from Weber Ultrasonics patented for a wide temperature range

The SONOPUSH® MONO HD rod-style transducers from Weber Ultrasonics GmbH have always offered impressive operational reliability. And the Ittersbach-based company, one of the world's leading manufacturers of ultrasonic components, has now improved the temperature resistance of its heavy duty transducers even further and received international patents for this innovation. Depending on the usage time, the new SONOPUSH® MONO HD can withstand temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius. Alongside the extremely high temperature resistance, the innovative rod-style transducers also offer users from the fields of industrial cleaning technology, ultrasonic chemistry and environmental technology such as sewage sludge disintegration even more advantages. The benefits include a 20% higher power output compared to conventional transducers of the same active length, consistent omnidirectional sonic distribution and efficiency of over 95%. These key advantages allow processing times to be shortened and throughput increased, both of which contribute to a reduction in operating costs. Another advantage is the product's vacuum and pressure stability up to 10 bar.

Long service life and maximum operational reliability The SONOPUSH® MONO HD ultrasonic transducers are manufactured from a special titanium alloy, which guarantees a long service life. The use of just one sound generator also contributes to this long service life, as it minimises the risk of fluid penetration. And the special material used also gives the transducer a smooth surface over virtually its entire length, which helps prevent soiling from being deposited. Due to their small footprint, the new heavy duty rod-style transducers are also ideally suited to retrofitting existing systems and tanks. Absolute dry running security is also achieved in connection with ultrasonic generators from Weber Ultrasonics.

SONOPUSH® is a registered brand name of Weber Ultrasonics.



New sales partner in Poland

Castor has been Weber Ultrasonics' sole official sales partner in Poland since 1 March 2010 where it sells ultrasonic components produced by the Ittersbach company. The Polish company builds all kinds of cleaning units, such as ultrasonic, spray and vacuum cleaning units. Furthermore, it uses ultrasonic components by Weber Ultrasonics in its cleaning units. As a result of the cooperation, both partners anticipate a targeted expansion of their customer portfolio in Eastern European markets such as Poland and Russia.

Castor has many years of extensive experience in designing and building cleaning units and specialises in implementing tailor-made solutions, which are only designed and implemented after a painstaking analysis of the individual customer's needs. Castor's success is built on many years of consistent high-quality service and perfect solutions and the company has many patents to its name. Continuous further development of the company is a key part of its concept for success. Industry sectors such as the automotive, aviation, mining and electroplating industries are typically targeted by Castor.

The company was founded as a trading company for the steel and mining industries amongst others in 1988, at that time focussing on the development of new technologies for industry. Their technological solutions were employed in cranes, scales, cutting and metal processing machines. Today, the cleaning specialist concentrates exclusively on its core competence - consulting, producing and selling from a single source. The family-run firm currently employs 21 staff members and has its own production machines and storage space as well as its own logistics and service centre on-site.



New high frequency generators and transducer systems up to 1 MHz

With its innovative 1 MHz and 500 kHz ULTRASONIC MICRO CLEANING (UMC) module generators, Weber Ultrasonics has created the ideal conditions for efficient and reproducible cleanliness in micro and nano- technical production. Photovoltaics, semiconductor technology, precision and micro optics, medical technology, the LIGA process, microsystems and nanotechnology - wherever highly sensitive surfaces and finely structured components are to be cleaned, the UMC module generators and matching transducer systems demonstrate their strengths: The removal of even the finest nano-scaled particles and film contamination from surfaces and from troughs within microstructures without causing damage or leaving any residue.

With power outputs of 250 or 500 Watt, the UMC generators are able to optimally adapt to individual cleaning requirements. At the same time, innovative high-tech components make it possible to achieve maximum performance while requiring a minimum of space: up to six 1 MHz modules can be integrated in one 19" housing. As a result, one single housing can hold a cleaning system with a total power output of up to 3000 Watt, thereby saving in production area.

The use of the very latest control technology in the new UMC generator guarantees maximum stability of all process-relevant parameters. The resulting high degree of efficiency of UMC cleaning systems guarantees absolutely reliable, reproducible and yet gentle removal of contamination.

In order to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks in a safe and efficient manner, Weber Ultrasonics has added the 250 kHz module generator to its tried and tested SONIC DIGITAL series of digital ultrasonic generators.



Weber Ultrasonics Weld & Cut GmbH | 07.2009

On 1 July 2009 Dieter Weber, Christian Unser and Andreas Schoch founded Weber Ultrasonics Weld & Cut GmbH, based in Karlsbad-Ittersbach, Germany. The aim of this strategic alliance is to bring together the ultrasonic experience and extensive knowledge of all the business partners involved in the new company for the ultrasonic welding sector and to utilise it while exploiting the maximum synergy effects.

In Andreas Schoch and Christian Unser we have gained two internationally experienced application engineers. Both gentlemen have spent many years in leading positions at a renowned German ultrasonics manufacturer and have many years of extensive experience in the industry.

In cooperation with Weber Ultrasonics, WUW will develop and market high-grade ultrasonic welding components and machines for welding thermoplastic materials. The typical areas of application of WUW are non-wovens, plastics, packaging and cut & seal. WUW provides its customers with a full service beginning with project planning and ending with production support. Our key service areas are engineering, consulting, testing, pilot production manu- facturing, commissioning and machine design, right through to global after sales. Weber Ultrasonics Weld & Cut GmbH is ISO-certified (9001:2008).




Internationales Sales Meeting bei Weber Ultrasonics | 02.2008

Knowledge transfer provides the basis for successful collaboration
A total of 20 people from twelve countries across four continents convened for Weber Ultrasonics' international sales meeting in Ittersbach on 22 February 2008. The world market leader in ultrasonic components had invited its international sales partners to the meeting under the motto "coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is the foundation for mutual success".

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Multifrequency ultrasonic technology makes component cleaning more efficient and powerful

Fewer cleaning units due to more frequencies
Optical components for sensors and sensor solutions are subject to the strictest quality requirements. And component cleanness plays a decisive part here. To achieve the necessary cleanness economically, SICK AG decided to invest in new ultrasonic cleaning technology. With the use of innovative multifrequency generators and transducers, a single cleaning system now performs tasks for which two units and time-consuming manual cleaning were previously needed. This has not only made component cleaning more economical, it also saves space and offers greater flexibility and safety.

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New laser-welded ultrasonic submersible transducer

Greater precision and cleanness for ultrasonic cleaning
The new SONOSUB submersible transducer by Weber Ultrasonics GmbH is designed to further improve the quality of component cleaning. The company achieves this by using state-of-the-art production techniques such as laser welding. This process enables the production of submersible ultrasonic transducers from many materials while minimizing distortion and offering dimensional accuracy previously unheard of. The automated and reproducible robotic welding process also guarantees a significantly higher level of quality in the welded joint itself.

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New flexibility for ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic generators and submersible transducers with up to three frequencies
in a single device

Ultrasound is used for many varied tasks, including industrial component cleaning, laboratory applications and product maintenance. A key factor for the cleaning effect is the frequency of the sound waves generated by the ultrasonic generator.Up to now it has been necessary to use several generators and transducers with different frequencies for coarse, fine and superfine cleaning, as well as for a diverse range of part sizes and shapes.The new digital multifrequency series by Weber Ultrasonics makes this a thing of the past. The innovative modular generator and transducer is available in a dual or triple frequency unit with 40, 80 and 120 kHz.

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New ultrasonic cleaning tank for industrial use

With the SONOWAVE, Weber Ultrasonics is set to present a new ultrasonic cleaning tank at this year's p2c trade fair. The cleaning tank has been specially designed for industry and maintenance applications and is extremely robust, as it is made entirely of stainless steel.



Weber Ultrasonics equips roof with photovoltaic modules

Karlsbad-Ittersbach, July 2005
Implementing innovative ideas in targeted solutions to offer customers real advantages – This is the path Weber has been sucessfully pursuing since it was founded in 1998. The ISO-certified company is today one of the global technological leaders in the field of ultrasonic components for component cleaning, welding and special applications. And this progressive thinking and strong sense of responsibility also have high priority when it comes to the environment. This can, for example, be seen in a large photovoltaic installation which was recently commissioned.

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3 kW ultrasonic generator

The innovative plug-and-play device is fully digital and impresses not only through its maximum process stability and power output, but also its exemplary ease-of-use.



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