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Ultrasonic rod-style transducers


The SONOPUSH® rod-style transducer is manufactured from a special titanium alloy and excels through its long service life, extremely homogeneous sound field without any pronounced gaps or dips and its optimized operational safety. Coupled with its high power output, this makes it the perfect choice for retrofit applications and as a replacement for products made by other manufacturers.

SONOPUSH® MONO rod-style transducers offer greater power than twin-head transducers of the same length. Plus, the surface which radiates sound is larger. In combination with excellent efficiency of over 95%, this leads to a high sonic yield.

The omnidirectional sonic distribution creates a homogeneous sound field, which guarantees smooth and effective cleaning. SONOPUSH® MONO rod-style transducers are ideal for use in closed and multi-chamber cleaning units, as well as for retrofitting containers and tanks.

The SONOPUSH® MONO HD is a consistent further development of the SONOPUSH® range for the strictest demands and toughest applications - even in continuous operation at temperatures of up to 95C. With 20% higher power output at the same beam length and boasting vacuum and overpressure resistance up to 10 bar, the heavy-duty design offers the key advantages of significantly shorter cleaning times and higher throughput at low costs.

SONOPUSH® MONO HD rod-style transducers with 25 kHz output have also demonstrated their amazing performance in the field of sewage sludge disintegration. The use of just one sound generator offers excellent performance and maximum operational safety here. In comparison with conventional rod-style transducers, the SONOPUSH® HD range produces 20% higher power output at the same beam length and guarantees consistent omnidirectional sonic distribution. And they provide this impressive performance in continuous operation at temperatures up to 95 C.



3 kW ultrasonic generator

The innovative plug-and-play device is fully digital and impresses not only through its maximum process stability and power output, but also its exemplary ease-of-use.



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