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Ultrasonic technology in the nonwovens and textiles industry ))

With its various fields of application and production techniques, the textiles and nonwovens market is complex. A large number of new composite materials made of fleece, paper, foils and fabric, as well as other combinations needs to be manufactured economically and reliably. Continuous laminating, embossing, welding and cutting of web materials (cut & seal) place great demands on the process in terms of both the technical knowledge required and the technology employed.

High processing speeds and low-wear technology are prerequisites for success in this sector. This requires the use of modern technologies and optimum support from the system supplier. Having successfully installed and commissioned many plants, our experts know exactly what matters and can therefore help secure you a decisive competitive advantage.

Ultrasonic industry solutions - Nonwovens - Hygiene products

Nonwovens hygiene products

These are primarily incontinence products, panty liners, sanitary towels, yet also include …


Ultrasonic industry solutions - Nonwovens - Medical & surgical products

Nonwovens Medical & surgical products

Typical fields of applications include wound dressings and plasters…


Ultrasonic industry solutions - Nonwovens - Filtration products

Nonwovens - Filtration products

All forms of air filter, such as HVAC filters, bag filters, breathing and face masks, …


Ultrasonic industry solutions - Nonwovens - Roofing & construction products

Nonwovens - Roofing & construction products

From roof underlays, through damp-proof membranes, to barrier layers for road construction…


Ultrasonic industry solutions - Nonwovens - Disposable cloths/gloves

Nonwovens - Disposable cloths/gloves

Potential fields of application include disposable gloves, wet wipes, …


Ultrasonic industry solutions - Nonwovens - Furniture/fittings

Nonwovens - Furniture/fittings

These are primarily materials such as fleece and fibers in furniture, …


Ultrasonic industry solutions - Nonwovens - Cutting & welding

Nonwovens - Cutting & welding

These processes are suitable for manufacturing products such as Velcro fasteners, clothing labels …



3 kW ultrasonic generator

The innovative plug-and-play device is fully digital and impresses not only through its maximum process stability and power output, but also its exemplary ease-of-use.



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